Borgward Isabella

Medium size vehicle with grace

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In 1954, Borgward presented the successor of the Hansa 1500, the medium sized vehicle, the Borgward Isabella. The provided name for this new model has been "Hansa 1500" too, but changed as Carl Borgward spontaneously called it "Isabella", as he was asked, which name it should carry. " I don´t bother, just call it Isabella.. " he said, when he was asked during the design period.

This way, the name has been imprinted in the rhombus shaped logo.

The Borgward Isabella has been planed to be a capacity optimized car, suited to the daily use.
With the self-supporting monocoque couch work, Borgward left the bully like strictly monotonic and even Bodywork of the Hansa 1500. The fenders are shaped outwards to pretend mud-guards and evenly follow down to the threshold in an elegant form.
A trim strip follows the curvaceous line from front to the back. The car looks spacious and exclusive in its design.
The fenders and other body parts are screwed to the coach, so repairs can easily be done.

The water cooled 1,5 Liter 4 cylinder motor with 60hp drives the 1 ton heavy coach easily and is named to be robust and persistent. It has been constructed by Karl-Ludwig Brandt, the head Borgward engineer. The motor is very simple in construction, a bottom camshaft with push rods and rockers drives the valves and a down draft carburettor brings the condensation of 1:8.2.

A extra oil filter in the oil system, next to the oil filter in the motor, additionally cleans the oil circulation. Therefore it is not uncommon, that a motor runs for several 100.000 of km.

Being compared to a Mercedes Ponton 190, with 40hp, or an Opel Olympia Rekord with 40hp, the Borgward Isabella is reckoned to be sportive. But still the price has been higher than the price of an Opel Rekord Olympia, but lower than a Mercedes Ponton 190.

The Isabella featured a swing axel at the back and it was supported by coil springs on all four wheels, fixed in a group to the monocoque body.

During the 8 year period of production, the Bogward factory has build 202 862 Isabella models. Borgward had its time of prosperity in these years from 1954 till 1961. Unfortunately
There was no follow-up model, due to the broke of Borgward.

Borgward Isabella TS
Manufacturer: Carl F. W. Borgward GmbH
Production period: 1954 - 1962
Body style: 2-door Saloon
Layout: FR layout
Engine: 4 stroke / 4 cylinder / 1394 ccm / 75 hp
Gear: 4 gears
Width: 1705 mm
Height: 1480 mm
Length: 4390 mm
Weight: 1040 kg

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